BEIMAR Inc. is located in Ontario, California. BEIMAR is a leading manufacturer and supplier of knit and woven types of sportswear products since 1989. BEIMAR has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of high quality products. BEIMAR continues to help many of today’s top U.S. and international brands in the apparel industry. From startups to some of the worlds largest brands BEIMAR has also worked with the large retailers directly to help build their private label programs to help maximize their profits. BEIMAR is proud to have built strong relationships and business with HUF, Primitive, RVCA, Thrasher, and retailers such as Zumiez.

Over the years Beimar has made an impact with brands and businesses in the apparel industry to help build their programs and maximize profits for them by offering them custom overseas production, domestic production, and also on-hand inventory of basic and fashion blanks. BEIMAR’s business and specialty has always been based on these along with our consistent quality, on time delivery, and competitive pricing. BEIMAR also has a quick-turn program and can make and finish your production in 30 days.

From season to season BEIMAR’s production offers the newest fabric for the upcoming market and trends from its fabric resources. We work closely with all of our clients so that we can get to know their niche in the market while also assisting them with new developments to keep our clients in the best competitive position in of their market place. For the past 28 years BEIMAR holds a great track record of development from beginning to end with our factory partners in China and Vietnam. Annually BEIMAR produces approximately 860,000 units in the Ningbo Bailun factory in China. There are approximately 180 workers in the facility along with over-lock machines, three needle-five threads, single needle, double needle, and tri needle machines. There are also other types of machines and accessory making equipment house in the same facilities. The factories are WRAP approved with Gold Certificate statuses.

In addition to overseas custom production and quick-turn programs, BEIMAR also offers its clients the ability of domestic production here in the Los Angeles area. The domestic production includes but not limited to cut & sew, garment dyeing; pigment and tie dye, along with the newest fashion dyes. These dyeing programs hold no minimums and can be completed in less than one week’s time. BEIMAR can also produce embellishment of all sorts for your product, which also can include labeling, packing and other type of production. This program enables clients to have short lead times, less than thirty days, to bring a finished product to your shelves and catch the market trends.

Lastly, BEIMAR has many basic and fashion blanks in stock at its warehouse in Ontario, California. This allows for our clients to buy from our on-hand inventory daily. These blanks can be ordered and pulled in the same day allowing the clients to add on new embellishment and decorations on their own or also with our help.

BEIMAR is both very committed and flexible to work with when it comes to our clients. We can and have always offered our clients consistent quality, quick-turn deliveries, and in-stock right under your eyes. These are BEIMAR’s specialties and we hope they can be a benefit to your business.